Cabinet Hardware – Not Just For Cabinetry Anymore

Do you know that cabinet hardware can be used in other ways besides installing it on your cabinetry? Really, they do and here is a quick guide on the different things that you could do with it throughout your home.

Take knobs for example, which is a cabinet hardware option that can be used quite a few different ways in your home. For example, maybe you are in need of a place to put your coat or hat right as you come into your home. Well, you could buy a few and put them in a pattern on the wall, which not only offers you a fantastic place to put your things, but it also adds a nice decorative touch to your space as well. Knobs are also a great choice for putting in your bathroom space as well since you could hang towels on them or bathrobes.

Another way that you could this cabinet hardware option in your home is to create extra shelving in your space with them. To do this, you first need to buy a few supplies in addition to the knobs, including some rope, string, or chain, and a wooden board or plank that can be finished or unfinished. Once you have all the necessary supplies, then you need to decide where you want to put the shelf. With that decision made, mark the spot where you want the shelf and install two to three knobs underneath where the shelf itself will go depending upon how big it is. Then, measure up about a foot and install to more knobs on the very end of the board. Finally, take the chain, rope, or string and tie it from the knobs at the top of the structure to knobs that are drilled into the front of the board itself. Once everything is in place, it is then ready to have books, knick knacks, and other special keeps set on top of it.

Another cabinet hardware option that can be used other than on cabinetry is drawer pulls. For example, let’s say that you have an old dresser that you are thinking about throwing out. Well, just wait one second because you can easily restore it by restoring it and a great way to cap off its new and improved look is with some lovely drawer pulls. You could also use them in a wood shop type area as a nice place to store tools. All you have to do is install some on a wall and then you have a nice place to hang a hammer, screw driving, and any other tools that need putting away.

If you are interested in this idea of using cabinet hardware in other ways throughout your space, the best way to find just what you need is by going online and doing your shopping there. It is quick and convenient since you don’t have to leave your home to do it and when you come across something you like, it is generally offered at the best prices around.

So, if you think that cabinet hardware is just for installing on cabinetry, think again and this article gave just some of the many ways they can be used throughout your home.